Floodwater Comedy Festival

Last year’s festival was a huge success, with over 75 performers, 15 events, 3 headliners and total attendance of over 1,500 students and community members gathered at The Mill, Public Space One, Blue Moose, Yacht Club and High Grounds. We are proud to report that we were able to donate $1,200 to each of our two charity organizations! Floodwater has become a popular, annual event for comedy fans and performers here in Iowa City and across the country.



Floodwater Comedy Festival is an annual festival with a cause that could only happen here in Iowa City. We can’t wait for you to join us February 28th through March 2nd for a weekend of love, diversity and laughs-- all in the name of bringing our community together, and making a real difference for the causes you care about. 

We want to make a difference and have a stupid good time while doing it. If you're reading this, then we have good news. You're super invited!


Floodwater isn’t just about comedians-- it’s about community. Every spring, we bring all of downtown Iowa City to life with a unique atmosphere of positivity and kindness for one really special weekend.

We polled the community on what causes matter most to you, and with your help, we are proud to announce our proceeds are directed towards the Johnson County Crisis Center and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Thank you for helping us make a difference where it counts!


It has always been a core of the Floodwater mission to help showcase the groups often marginalized in comedy. We aim to bring you performers from all over the country that reflect the wide spectrum of perspectives that color our world. Beyond that, we want to unite students, long standing community members and national comedy friends for an experience we can share together.


Featuring stand-up and improv, alongside 50+ additional performers from both Iowa and all over the country. Our festival is committed to curating an exceptional line-up of comedic talent from far-and-wide, and scheduling a wild weekend that will transform Iowa City into a one-of-a-kind bastion of funny, weird, sweet good times.